Websites Missing Out On Disabled Users

Major websites in the UK lose revenue (and could potentially breach the law) because they are not catering for disabled persons.

A researcher with online publisher e-consultancy, Graham Charlton, stated that if a website is not disabled friendly, then the chances of it having a good search engine optimization is nil.

8.5 million People in the UK are disabled, out of which 3.5 million cannot use a keyboard; this means that disabled persons represent a large market for the websites, which cannot be ignored anymore.

Websites should not alienate this specific group of people as their number is high and they can bring in substantial amount of revenues.

Earlier, Research Firm Gartner emphasised that the IT companies should adapt themselves to the modernizing skills and technology to meet the fast changing business standards.

IT companies need to bring about a complete change in their outlook and attitude to usher in a change for the better.