Asus To Launch Whole Range of Premium Expensive EEE PC under Fashion and Ultimate Brands

Ever wondered why companies based in Taiwan are great when it comes to cost cutting but not so great when it comes to marketing? Well look no further than giant OEM/ODM firm Asus to exemplify this.

The Taiwanese mammoth has announced 11 EEE PC models in all which will target different segments of the PC market and will add two other categories, namely, Ultimate and Pro Fashion.

The use of a Dual Core Atom Processor and larger storage (32GB SSD or 120GB HDD) will be the main differentiators with prices creeping up to a whopping USD900, nearly four times the price of the original Asus EEE PC Laptop.

The inclusion of a 16:9 Widescreen 10.1-inch LCD monitor is also on the table according to the company President, Jerry Shen, together with a more rigid chassis (magnesium, carbon fibre?).

Asus is looking to ship more than 1.6 million units to stay on track to reach its five-million EEE PC target for 2008 while its targets for the EEE PC Box are more modest, expecting only 200,000 to be sold by the end of the year.

The EEE PC 901 and 1000, the more expensive versions of the laptop, make up around 60 to 70 percent of the total EEE PC Sales.