Google Acquires Omnisio to Spruce Up YouTube

Google has acquired the CA-based internet video start up, Omnisio which launched earlier this year and lets its users to mash up different video clips and annotate them as per their wish.

The service will add up more features to Google’s YouTube, and would allow its viewers to bring necessary changes in their video clips, such as- making slideshare presentations, audio and video changes, etc.

The price of the deal hasn’t been officially disclosed yet, however, TechCrunch has reported that it will somewhere be in the range of USD15 million, and it will be all cash.

Omnisio was established by three Australian entrepreneurs, namely- Ryan Junee, Simon Ratner, and Julian Frumar- in the beginning of March this year, with an aim to offer more interactive videos to online community.

Omnisio allows its users to extract videos clips from different websites, including-, Google Video, and YouTube; however, its linkage with may get discontinued after the acquisition.