Micro Laptop Takes World's Cheapest Notebook Crown at £65 (provided you buy 100)

We've seen many cheap laptops before: The original EEE PC laptop, the Elonex One and a few more but none came down so much on price. Carapelli Ltd is selling the Impulse NPX-9000 for a mere £65 (per 100).

This means that the street price of the laptop would certainly be nearer to £100 since you would have to add taxes, retailers profit and other charges - which makes it less of a bargain.

Still, the Impulse is slightly more attractive than the other models we've seen previously; the Elonex One for example had a quite unpleasant bezel which reminded us of its past as a Photoframe.

Featurewise, the Impulse NPX-900 is much better than the latter; it has a proven 400MHz MIPS CPU at its heart, 128MB RAM and 1GB worth of Storage plus a Linux OS to boot from.

There are a few USB ports and a SD Card Slot plus the design is not half as bad as the Elonex One.

The NPX-9000 is being sold via Chinese B2B website Alibaba.

Expect many, many more such China-based UMPC to flood the UK market in the next few month, after all, Photoframes are getting more popular and can be easily used as monitors.