Panasonic May Join The OLED League With 40-Inch OLED TV In 2011

The future of Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) looks promising with Panasonic planning to launch its 40-inch OLED TV sets in 2011.

OLED is an advanced system of lighting that creates high quality TV picture with much less power consumption, moreover, it is said to be organic and requires less efforts in managing.

The company is expecting to turn its Kyoto based semiconductor R&D laboratory, into a full-fledged OLED development centre with a huge investment of around GBP165 million.

The development of the large TVs is anticipated to be carried out in phases, with the introduction of 20-inch OLED TV prototypes next year, Nikkei newspaper reported.

Panasonic hasn’t officially confirmed the news yet, however, the company has mentioned the plans of developing its Himeji based OLED plant.

OLED technology exude tremendous potential in upcoming future, with the likes of Sony and Samsung, which have already shown the 27-inch and 31-inch prototypes of OLED televisions respectively.

Meanwhile Sony has already announced the launch of world’s first ever 11-inch OLED TV, XEL-1 for UK in 2009.