Scrabulous reincarnated as Wordscraper

Playing scrabble with your friends online was not the same after Hasbro removed Scrabulous on the charges of copyright infringement.

Scrabulous has been a popular scrabble playing application on social networking website Facebook, however, due to similarities in design and concept, Hasbro, which owns the rights to scrabble had it shut down.

In retaliation, the brains behind Scrabulous, the Agarwalla brothers, launched Wordscraper.

The design and layout of the new game is different from that of a standard scrabble game.

Wordscraper has round tiles and different point system along with the option for making quadruple words and customization of layouts so that no dispute over copyrights can occur.

However, Hasbro hasn’t made it clear if it would drop its charges in light of the recent changes made by Scrabulous or start a new one over the new scrabble game of Wordscraper.

Facebook users on the other hand are happy with the return of their favourite social game.