UK Government Proposes Guidelines For Rating Online Games

Settling the games-rating issues between the games industry and British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), UK government has proposed new set of guidelines to rate games.

The issue was sparked by Dr Tanya Byron’s report about the adverse effects of online content and games on kids, and thus, called for a better rating system for games.

Responding to Byron’s report, BBFC have put forth its own set of rules for rating games; as of now, games are being rated under the Pan European Game Information (PEGI) system.

UK’s culture minister, Margaret Hodge, has announced new set of guidelines for rating games, which include combination of rules from both PEGI and BBFC systems; the government is also planning to establish an independent self-regulating body for the purpose.

“The games market has simply outgrown the classification system, so today we are consulting on options that will make games classification useful and relevant”, Hodge said.