Dell Inspiron 1525 T5750 2GB 15.4" Laptop, £369

Your laptop, your looks! A range of cool, new patterns, a spectrum of vibrant colors, a choice of finishes, eye-catching accents and a complement of color-coordinated accessories make the Inspiron 1525 the
most colorful laptop you can find.

With a comprehensive selection of wireless solutions spanning Wireless USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Mobile Broadband, we have you covered. And thanks to a family of antennas built into your laptop, you get outstanding connectivity no matter where you are.

Mobile Broadband Convenient built-in mobile broadband options, available through multiple service providers, give you high-speed connectivity wherever you have cell phone service.

Dell Exclusive Wi-Fi Catcher A simple switch which helps you find a wireless network without even powering up your system.

Bluetooth Securely connect your peripherals without cables and Wireless USB Connect wirelessly to USB-enabled devices.

The laptop is available at Tesco for only for £369

- Intel Core Duo T5750
- 15.4-inch LCD screen
- 120GB HDD
- Integrated Intel X3100 graphics
- WIndows Vista Home Premium
- Card Reader
- Built in Webcam
- HDMI, Firewire, Svideo and Dual Headphone connections