Nokia Brings Down Handset Costs By 10 Percent

The Finnish company buckles up to beat the global slow down of handset sales.

In its effort to counter the global slowdown of mobile handset sales, mobile handset behemoth, Nokia, has slashed prices of some of its music and multimedia handsets.

The company has reduced up to 10 percent of the price of its multimedia mobile sets, including popular models like N81 8GB, and Nokia 5310 and 5610 XpressMusic Twins.

The strategic move would allow the company to explore the untapped potential of many emerging markets, including, India, China, and some parts of Latin America and Africa.

Some of the analysts have perceived the move as the company’s tactics of escaping from the stiff competition, by exerting excessive pressure on its rivals; the Finnish giant already holds a mammoth 40 percent share of mobile handset market worldwide.

In its response to these claims, the company said, “If we would start to comment on prices there would be no end, they are changed so often.”