Royal Mail's Online Customer Service Cuts Email Queries By Half

Ask Sarah, Royal Mail's brand new online customer service, has been an outright success since it was launched at the beginning of June 2008.

The solution which is supported by Transversal, has been credited for reducing the number of email enquiries by 50 percent over the period.

The number of calls to Royal Mail's call centre has also decreased substantially; this however, might also be explained by the fact that weekday peak times called are now charged a whopping 50p per minute.

During the same period, an extra one million web visitors consulted Ask Sarah, nearly 30 percent higher than on 2007 figures, hence reducing the financial and infrastructural burden of having to cater for those queries by email or by phone.

"As more and more of our customers interact with us online, we needed a self-service system that provided the levels of support they needed in a professional yet friendly form that avoided the hard sell," said Stephen Mitchell, digital operations manager, Royal Mail.

Ask Sarah is a quite interesting example of what Artificial Intelligence can achieve and uses Tranversal's Memory EngineT technology.