Security Firm McAfee To Acquire Data Loss Company Reconnex

McAfee has shown its intent to acquire the data loss specialist firm Reconnex, somewhere in third quarter of this fiscal, and the deal is worth USD46 million.

Technology from Reconnex would help the users in defining the data that is needed to be protected, without indulging them into prior examination of data across the network.

This is the second acquisition of its kind from McAfee, and the move would help the company in bolstering its data protection range.

As in February 2007, the company acquired Onigma- renamed as DLP Host- which provides server logs to check data activity, blocks sensitive data transference, and facilitates in controlling the data centrally.

Dave DeWalt, McAfee’s Chief Executive said, “Data protection the number-one concern of chief information security officers, but today’s solutions take too long to deploy and obtain results”, and with this move the company is expected to redefine the entire data protection market.