Apple expert pulls out from Black Hat Las Vegas

Yesterday was day one of the Black Hat security event in Las Vegas - well, day two if you count some of the Sunday training activities - but the talk of the city wasn't what the experts were speaking about, it was what they're not speaking about.

It seems that Charles Edge, an expert on Apple's FileVault security technology, who was due to reveal details on his latest findings - except that he pulled out at the last minute, apparently citing confidentiality agreements with Apple.

As many Apple fans already know, FileVault was found to be susceptible to memory-based hacks earlier this year, and there are no details about what new weaknesses that Edge has found.

No-one is really saying anything about why Edge pulled out of his presentation, but it might be that Apple has decided to hire him for expertise and help the firm close this and any future loopholes.

Or am I just being paranoid?...