Bluetrek Bizz, a great “they thought of that” moment

French company, Bluetrek, recently launched their Bizz Bluetooth headset. Yawn I hear…

This one is different and answers a problem I have had since micro SD cards hit my mobiles.

If I haven’t got a lead how do I transfer my phone’s media to my laptop (Bluetooth is far too slow).

Bluetrek’s headset splits in two revealing a USB plug to allow the headset battery to be charged in a laptop, plus a slot for a microSD card, up to 8GB.

So if you have loads of pictures and videos on your camera phone, simply slip out the microSD card, insert the card into the headset and then into your laptop’s USB socket and you have access at USB 2 speeds to all your lovely data. No messing with cables, or loosing converters.

The kit comes in flashy steel packaging, USB extension cable and an in car charger. This is such a great idea.

iPhone 3G feature wish for the day

The E71 has it, the Nokia 6600 had it, so why can’t the iPhone print docs.