Brits Have High Appetite For Broadband, Says Survey

‘Air, water, food, and Internet’- this seems to be motto of most UK residents, as 92 percent of them would continue to keep their broadband connections, in spite of the current credit crunch in UK, a poll organized by ISP Plusnet has revealed.

Instead of withdrawing their internet connection, 30 percent of the people surveyed would prefer to cancel their magazine subscriptions, or stop smoking and drinking, 14 percent would stop dining out, and 12 percent would abstain from going cinema.

58 percent of Brits would continue with their existing ISPs, whereas, 34 percent would look for a more cost effective option, the survey unveiled.

Plusnet Product Director, Neil Armstrong stated that this survey exhibited a high level of volatility in the broadband market, as the users are shopping around for the best deals,.

Furthermore, internet is assisting people in choosing cheaper goods and services, and thereby helping them to withstand the current economic slump, Armstrong added.