Kaspersky Alerts Bugs On Social Networking Websites

Social networking sites, Facebook and MySpace users, are being targeted by new bugs, which would turn their PCs into zombie PCs on botnet networks, security firm Kaspersky Lab reported.

The two viruses, namely- Win32.Koobecaf.a and Win32.Koobecaf.b, are said to be intruding into users’ PCs through messages appeared to be coming from their friends’ profiles.

Win32.Koobecaf.a victimizes the MySpace users by sending malicious contents to them, whereas, Win32.Koobecaf.b bug creates and sends spam messages and content to the subscribers of Facebook.

The spam messages appear to contain the links of some crooked video clips, which automatically downloads the bugs on user’s PC after clicking, and as soon as the infected PCs log on to the social networking website again, it involuntarily starts propagating malicious messages to others, Kaspersky Lab reported.

Ryan Naraine, Kaspersky’s security evangelist, stated that people usually trust messages from their friends, and download the content they receive from their friends’ profiles; therefore, he urged users to be cautious while downloading any content from these sites, even if it seems to come from a friend.