Lenovo Launches Ultra Portable, Not So cheap, Ideapad S10 nano Laptop

Lenovo has joined the growing group of computer manufacturers who are selling cheap and light laptops (or netbook as Intel coined them) with the brand new IdeaPad S10 PC.

It is being flogged as a secondary PC or an introductory one although, it should be perfectly usable as a work machine provided that you do not delve into heavy duty chores.

The iDeapad specs are what you would expect from similar computers like the MSI Wind, The Aspire One or the EEE : A 10.2-inch screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, an Intel Atom Processor, up to 1GB RAM and 160GB HDD (bigger than the rest of the pack).

The S10 is only one inch thick and weighs in at around 1Kg, comes with an Expresscard slot, a card reader and two USB ports together with Linux or Windows XP.

Lenovo (as are the other manufacturers) is keen on making sure that such sub laptops do not cannibalise the sales of more expensive sub laptops that often costs five times more.

The S10 will be available in a number of coulours for as low as £319 including VAT in the UK - you might want to get it from the US where it is around £115 cheaper.

Other features include a webcam as well as a Onekey rescue button which essentially brings the laptop back to its original state but nothing like Asus' Expressgate Quickboot system.

Lenovo is also launching a smaller version of the device called the S9 which is slightly less expensive and comes with a smaller LCD screen.

Expect them to be launched in October, just on time for Christmas.