Microsoft Colludes With Nokia on Zune To Bring Down Apple's iPhone

"Enemy of my enemy is my Friend" is what one may think when reading news that two of the biggest tech companies on the planet come together in a (desperate) attempt to prevent the iPhone from becoming omnipotent and as successful as iTunes or iPod.

According to a Microsoft source close to Zunescene, Nokia is working with the Zune team to integrate its marketplace content on Nokia's smartphones which is quite surprising given the fact that Nokia supports every OS but Microsoft.

This could mean that Microsoft is coming out of the Windows-only platform closet and rather than supporting one platform, has chosen to do a "Sega" and support as many platforms instead, at least when it comes to Zune.

Although not mentioned by the source, the Microsoft/Nokia deal aims squarely at Apple's iPhone which has become more menacing after integrating App Store and iTunes seamlessly.

Microsoft has been particularly coy about the prospects of launching a Zune-enabled Phone which may however be frowned upon by Microsoft's phone partners (HTC and the likes).

Zunescene's source allegedly confirmed that Microsoft would not be developing any custom-made phones but rather focus on the content itself.

Nokia already offers multimedia content through its OVI service and it is likely that the Nokia/Microsoft deal is a non exclusive one.