Twitter Attracts Trojan-Flogging Criminals

Any services that attract a fairly big audience is likely to attract criminals; so it is not surprising that Twitter is now getting some attention from online criminals.

Security Firm Kaspersky Labs has come across a fake Twitter profile of Brasilian Celebrity, Kelly Key, that comes complete with a link to a malicious application (rather than the hot Brasilian girls that the content promised).

The password stealing software, which is apparently coming from Brazil, is disguised as a fake version of Adobe Flash which the victim is encouraged to install in order to view the videos.

And rather than one Trojan malware, the compromised machine gets infected with ten banking Trojans disguised as MP3 files.

Commenting on the discovery, Kaspersky researcher Dmitry Bestuzhev says "The footprints of this particular crime are pure Brazilian – ranging from the Portuguese, to the web servers hosting the banking malware to the email embedded in the malware which is used for receiving data from infected machines"

It is highly likely that hackers will increasingly turn their attention to micro blogging websites like Twitter or Tumblr and since Google indexes unprotected Twitter profiles, this might give rise to a number of dangerous Search Engine Results Pages.