Accountants Love Facebook, Becoming More Tech Savvy Says Survey

A survey commissioned by Accounting Software Specialist Sage (UK) Limited revealed a truly connected Accounting workforce which has fully embraced digital working practices.

With just over two years to go until the Carter Report comes into full effect, less than one in ten accountants (6%) has never completed any online filing.

At the same time 62% of those questioned admit to being on social networking sites such as Facebook. However, less than a fifth (19%) regularly visit work related sites including HRMC or industry bodies including CIMA.

Indeed, 2008's new breed of accountant is a truly connected workforce with 29% of respondents always carrying a laptop around (interestingly, the same number always carry around an iPod) and a further 27% carry a Blackberry, a smartphone/PDA or a digital camera.

Equipped with this array of technology it is not surprising that over half of respondents (59%) are working remotely, at least occasionally.

This is a particularly strong trend amongst the more seasoned practitioners in the 55 to 64 age bracket where 29 percent frequently work on the move (compared to only 14 percent of 35 to 44 year olds), although this might be explained by their naturally higher level of client liaison outside the office.