7Digital Comes Up With Free Music For UK ISPs In Anti-Piracy Scheme

iTunes competitor 7Digital has a rather cunning proposal for UK ISPs which could not only allow millions to listen to unlimited music without incurring litigation costs, but would also see it become a major online music outfit overnight.

What 7Digital is proposing is in essence setting up the infrastructure necessary for the process of white labelling to take place.

This means that broadband consumers would be able to purchase music files straight from the ISPs or subscribe to DRM protected music libraries and even allow ISPs to create their own download service like iTunes but without a heavy initial outlay.

By acting a one-stop shop, the big music studios will not be compelled to discuss individually with the dozens of ISPs out there, leaving that to 7Digital.

This is a rather good idea since it might break iTunes stranglehold on the music industry and will provide ISPs with an additional source of revenue.

The news come a few days after six of the biggest UK ISPs signed a Memorandum of Understanding that could see tens of thousands of letters sent out to suspected file-sharers.

Hopefully, this concept will be extended in the near future to Applications (web services), videos and movies as well.