Google Squeezes UK Search Market Even More With 75 percent Share

A report by Comscore underlined Google's dominance of the UK Search market as the Internet giant surpasses the 75 percent barrier in June.

Although the increase was minute at half a percent, Google now accounts for nearly three billion search queries out of 3.9 billion made in 30 days, in the UK.

Surprisingly, Ebay comes in second place with 5.5 percent while Yahoo came third (both down on May figures, accounting for less than 10 percent overall), followed by Microsoft, AOL and Facebook.

A Microsoft-Yahoo merger would only bring their marketshare to 7.7 percent, nearly 10 times less than Google's.

Each UK of the 31 million UK surfers made on average just over four searches per day, roughly a tenth of what some heavy users can manage on Google.

The fact that Ebay and Facebook made it in the top 10 means that non-search websites could possibly play a major role in the Search market in the future.