Motorola's Last Chance Mobile Phone is Blackberry Lookalike

Fate can sometimes be cruel. Motorola was a long while ago the darling of the mobile segment, a place it has now lost to Apple, one of its once-closest allies, and its iPhone.

Boy Genius Report has a picture of a Motorola Slider called Alexander which looks like a Blackberry twin and comes with a full QWERTY keyboard; could that be the smartphone that will save Motorola from Oblivion and restore faith into the company that once came up with the Razr range?

Well, Alexander as BGR calls it comes with Windows Mobile 6.1 or 7, complete with a top range camera (5MP to 8MP), assisted GPS, an Nvidia graphics chip and what appears to be a 4:3 screen.

No words as to whether it will be a touchscreen or even a haptic one and even less when it comes to the memory capacity of the device.

Cnet says that Alexander will be one of many Motorola phones that the US manufacturer will release by the end of the year.