Myspace And WiFi Firm The Cloud Sign Wireless Access Partnership

WiFi Specialist The Cloud will allow Myspace users to access their favourite Social networking website for free when they connect to any of the thousands of hotspots owned by the company.

They will be able to access their profiles, images and music for free but apparently only till the end of October.

Mind you it might be a PR exercise aimed at getting internet users hooked to Myspace rather than Facebook.

The agreement will also allow see Myspace content running across the Cloud's online homepage with the social networking website displaying promotions across on its site.

The Cloud has more than 7000 locations in UK including many fast food restaurants across the country.

Anthony Lukom, Managing Director of MySpace UK commented: "MySpace users want to easily communicate with their friends and discover exciting, relevant content wherever they happen to be".

"The Cloud now offers them this opportunity in thousands of great locations, whether it's their local McDonalds, a travel centre or even sports stadiums."

The partnership is the latest in a worrying trend that is seeing content and service partners cosing up with medium owners in what scarily looks like a "re-fragmentation" of the Internet as we know it.