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NZ Plod gets jiggy after teenager hacks email and Bebo accounts

Reports are coming in from New Zealand that a 19-year-old Hastings girl could be looking at seven years in the chokey for hacking a schoolgirl's Bebo and Hotmail email accounts.

According to the NZ press, Rachel Boyte is a typical technology savvy teenager. Mobile phones and computers are a big part of her life.

However, say the newswires (opens in new tab), when she went to log onto her Hotmail account, as well as her account on the social networking site Bebo, the 16-year-old knew something was wrong.

"I tried several passwords to try and get in, ones I've had before," she said, adding that she then tried to access Bebo and it said this account no longer exists, as somebody had deleted it.

According to Boyte, she felt angry and unhappy because there was a lot of personal things on Bebo, as well as emails that can't be retrieved.

Although some newswire reports say that the 19-year-old hacker of Boyte's accounts could face up to seven years in jail, this is a maximum sentence and relatively unlikely to happen.

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