One in the eye for Apple as surfers urged to ditch Safari

It looks like Apple's failure to keep the security of its Safari Web browser up to date is coming home to roost, as Consumer Reports, the US equivalent of Which? magazine here in Britland, is advising punters to can the browser.

The magazine reckons that because the browser doesn't include utilities to warn when a Web site is, or might be, dangerous, surfers using Safari are more exposed.

"The browser of choice for most Mac users, Apple's Safari, has no phishing protection," said Consumer Reports.

The magazine surveyed more than 2,000 American households with Internet access and found that those with Macs were just as likely to fall foul of fake sites as those with Windows-based PCs.

However, the magazine report suggest that until Apple adds anti-phishing tools surfers should opt for Firefox or Opera, which warns when you are about to visit a site infected with malware.

"Mac users think that they don't need to worry about viruses and spyware," said Jeff Fox, technology editor with Consumer Reports.