Sony Ericsson Launches Bluetooth Gamepad For Its Handsets

Consolidating its position in the mobile gaming world, Sony has come up with yet another technological addition in form of a Bluetooth enabled remote for mobile gaming.

Zeemote JS1- which is to be bundled with Sony’s W760i Walkman mobile phones - allows its users to play games on their handsets; moreover, the device is similar to Nintendo Wii Nanchuck, and will be available only in Netherlands initially.

Sony Ericsson has already preloaded two games on to the handset, namely - Helistrike and Powerboat Challenge - and the company is offering 14 more games in Fun and Downloads section of its website for as little as 3 euros each.

Jim Adams, Zeemote’s VP for worldwide sales said, “Mobile gaming will never be the same as the Zeemote JS1 launches through our first commercial relationship with Sony Ericsson.”

The Zeemote JS1 controller doesn’t have a TV out connection, it can work with the Nokia N95’s TV-out but doesn’t have one of its own.