Virgin Media Eyes Mobile Business Model For Its Broadband Services

Virgin Media is planning to offer its broadband services with subsidised hardware devices, through third party dealers.

The broadband operator may join the league of successful dealers, including the likes of Carphone Warehouse, which sells subsidised phones on contract basis, Mobile News International reported.

According to Virgin Media sales director, Rob Shardlow, the company is exploring the opportunities to sell its cable broadband services through dealer channel, and purported that the company is buckling up to provide truly different and better deal to its dealers; moreover, the company has also claimed to offer unparalleled market leading proposition to its sellers, Shardlow added.

Further, Shardlow has also admitted that the company has had limited contact in dealer channel till date, and it will now all set to explore the opportunities in this conduit.

The company is planning to offer its premium services through its dealers, like 20Mbps service, which would allow its dealer to sell subsidised high-cost hardware device