11 people charged with largest ID Theft fraud in US history

US authorities have unravelled, what is said to be the largest hacking and identity fraud in the history of the United States.

The US Department of Justice declared conviction of 11 people, including a Secret Service Informant of US; out of the 11 charged people, three are US citizens, and the rest of them are from various places including, China, Estonia, Ukraine, and Belarus - the department revealed.

The fraud involves theft and sale of as many as 41 million debit and credit card serial numbers from nine major retailers nationwide, including- OfficeMax, Boston Market, Sports Authority, Barnes and Noble, Forever 21, DSW, BJ’s Wholesale Club, and TJX Cos.

More than 27 million US citizens are said to be affected from different spells of ID fraud between 2003 and 2007, and the number is mounting continuously, US Federal Commission reported.

Addressing a news conference, Attorney General Michael Mukasey said, “They used sophisticated computer hacking techniques that would allow them to breach security systems”, and the losses in dollars are difficult to be quantified at this point, Mukasey added.