Asus Releases Wii-like Gaming Controllers For the EEE PC

Asus has released a couple of stick controllers for its popular EEE PC range which will be bundled with some EEE PC and EEE Box alongside with a collection of games developed or adapted specifically to be used with it.

The pair of controllers (Asus call them activation stick and navigation stick) work with a 2.4GHz RF dongle and are vibration capable providing up to 72 hours of continuous play using two AA batteries (arguably Li-Ion).

Although Asus has announced no plans to release them as stand alone devices, the Taiwanese manufacturer has mentioned in its press release that the EEE stick should be compatible with all PCs on the market.

Now, could Asus be possibly looking to capture a bit of the Nintendo's Wii market? After all, the EEE Box and the controllers will resemble the Nintendo Wii and its accessories like twins separated at birth.

Oh, and they're both aiming at casual gamers as well although Nintendo should easily win any contest since the EEE PC or Box is no rival when it comes to gaming clout and processing power.