Caller ID spoofing moves phishing to the phone

It seems that criminals in the US have discovered that the latest generation of spoof caller ID services can be used to fool punters into thinking that an incoming call originates from their bank.

Which is exactly what has happened to customers of the Langley Federal Credit Union in the US who received calls - ostensibly from their bank - late last week, complete with the bank's caller ID number.

The recorded calls asked punters to call another number and verify their bank account details, as well as other goodies such as card PIN numbers and the like.

Even though these were fake calls, credit union officials say many punters fell for the scam when they saw the caller ID details.

"We do call people at home but its very rare and we never ask for personal information. We never ask for a pin and we would never ask for a password,"
said Brett Noll, the credit union's vice president.

I wonder how long it will be before another bank gets hit by what seems to be the telephony equivalent to phishing?...