Microsoft To Provide Additional Technical Details With Its Monthly Security Patch Process

Citing the proliferation of online attacks and hacking evidences, the software giant, Microsoft has announced to release supplementary details of the vulnerabilities it fixes in its monthly security packs, which is released on every second Tuesday of the month- hence called “Patch Tuesday”.

These additional details will help the antivirus firms, and Windows Software vendors, to be better equipped for the probable attacks, and thereby help them in staying ahead of the cyber crooks.

As of now, the software companies don’t have the ample time to react to any hacking attack, as it includes creation of clip of code or web traffic, or attack ‘signatures’, which would help in identifying the hacker’s attack.

As per the new program that is scheduled to be implemented from this October’s release of security patch, Microsoft would provide additional technical information about different vulnerabilities that are being fixed.

This additional information would help the vendors to counter any sort of hacking attacks effectively.