Spanish Hacker Imprisoned For Illegally Accessing Colleague’s Mail

A Spanish hacker has been put behind the bars for two years, for illicitly hacking his colleague’s emails, containing details about his sex life, and then forwarding them to other individuals.

The hacker sent those sensitive details to his colleague’s ex-wife, to the council of Mayor- where the man was working-, and to his existing girlfriend.

The hacker is also charged with the fine worth 3,240 euros, and is ordered to pay a compensation of 4,000 euros to the victim.

A judge in Barcelona sentenced the hacker for offending Spanish law of ‘revealing secrets’; further, he observed that the violation of victim’s rights is more critical than the content of the message.

Spanish law has permitted the courts to follow anyone who “gets access to information of a personal of family nature held on information systems or computers which are public or private”, the judge said.