Asus S101 Ultimate EEE Laptop Targets Sony Vaio and Macbook Air

Apple's marketing department could be having a few nightmares as Asus showcased the S101, a souped-up version of its hugely popular EEE PC which packs a 64GB Solid State Drive, just like Apple's famed Mac Book Air.

At USD 899, it ain't cheap, but it will still be cheaper, much cheaper than Apple's MBA (both share a 64GB SSD, remember), and will be powered by an Intel 1.6GHz Atom processor, coupled with a 945GME chipset and will feature a 10.2-inch LCD widescreen with LED backlit, a power saving feature.

Asus, which produces a few Apple products, doesn't have an ultra-slim range of laptops which competes directly with the S101 which will supposedly drop the EEE moniker fairly soon.

Although not as thin as MBA, the S101 - a glossy brown coloured laptop - is 16mm thick at the thinnest end of the wedge and should weigh less than 1KG.

Pricewise, the 32GB version comes up cheaper at USD 699, although UK and European prices will certainly be much higher.

At this price, you might as well look for similarly priced laptops from Dell (Like the Vostro 1310) or from Fujitsu Siemens which won't be as thin and won't come with a SSD.