Beware of EEE PC Laptop Copycats as Nano Laptops Nearly Triple In Price To Reach £170

The days of cheap and cheerful laptops appear to have ended as the market is just about to be flooded with overpriced, underpowered pseudo-laptops that would make an iPhone look positively speedy.

Case in point, laptops similar to the £65 laptop which we presented last week are now being sold for more than 3 times the price.

Maplin and CCLOnline are both selling what appears to be similar laptops - the Minibook Ultra portable lappy - which are not only cheaper than your normal Asus EEE but also probably less capable than your iPhone (or indeed your bog-standard Smartphone).

The £170 laptops both come with 7-inch LCD screens, Linux and a few open source applications (including Firefox), built in WiFi (which the Register is reporting as being slightly dodgy), 2GB SSD storage and 128MB DDR2 memory.

There's also three USB ports, a Microphone, two speakers, a VGA connection and a LAN port, all packed in a 650g enclosure.

Admittedly, quite a few will jump onboard and grab one of them only to discover that they are rather slow for what you are paying.

Expect up to three hours of battery life for something that was supposed to cost roughly £100 but ended costing more.

Our bet? Either grab the original Asus EEE PC if you can find it; Ebuyer sells the old one for £181.39 or grab the superb Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile U9200 for £369.92.