CRM cannot be just another "information island” Can It?

Application software is frequently introduced into companies piecemeal, with little thought about integration with existing systems. Customer Relationship Management systems should not suffer the same fate.

Carry out any review of application software that is used in most businesses, and it becomes apparent that each application has been brought in to meet a specific need, or because of particular business issue.

Organic growth, development of new products, or new moves into markets, efficiency improvements; these are all good reasons to acquire more powerful, faster or functional software.

Office productivity tools such as word processors, spreadsheets and e-mail systems, are widely used in most departments across a whole enterprise.

On the other hand, accounting systems are typically deployed in one department, manufacturing systems in another and sales force automation systems ("contact managers”) in a third.

Yet these various systems rarely talk to each other, still less do they share information which could be useful to people in several departments.

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