Get your Inspiration From Apple Not From Windows, IBM VP Tells Linux Crowd

IBM urged Linux to stop emulating windows and to make unique user interfaces. The Vice president of IBM's open source and standards, Bob Sutor made the remark during the Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas.

A day earlier IBM joined hands with Linux software developers and distributors like Novell, Red Hat, and Canonical to make Microsoft free PCs.

Sutor gave his recommendations keeping in mind as a part of his predictions for the next 10 years of Linux.

He suggested if Linux developers are going to emulate software they are better off with Apple’s perception of usability and design.

Over the time of next ten years, Sutor, emphasized that Linux would stop concentrating on x86 PCs because of the opportunities in software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud computing because of which PCs can become redundant and user interfaces for devices like mobile phones and other small devices will be needed.

The Linux based PCs introduced by Lenovo and IBM will have IBM’s Lotus Notes and other products like Sametime and Symphony.

At a time when Windows Vista is facing problems because of its incompatibility with older softwares, the need for an alternative OS is there and Linux and IBM can effectively tap the market.