Mozilla Foundation Looks At Firefox's Future With Brand New Initiative

After the successful launch of Firefox 3.0, Mozilla is now working on its Concept Series project, which includes inviting web surfers to its forum to discuss the future of the internet.

The forum is open to everyone, and it would allow its members to share ideas, views, comments, mock-ups, and vision about developing new software applications.

Mozilla is intended to launch three new software applications, which include - Aurora web browser, a smarter method to visualize bookmarks, and Fennec, a mobile version of Firefox; this forum would apparently help the company in developing these applications.

“You don’t have to be a software engineer to get involved, and you don’t have to program. Everyone is welcome to participate”, said Chris beard, Vice President of Mozilla.

The company has discussed its frontier projects, including, Aurora and Fennec, on its blog, and explicitly called for ideas and suggestions in developing these software.

Aurora would help users in solving real-time problems through the integration of internet applications, such as - instant messaging and voice chat - and video technology, whereas, Fennec will be tailored for a better mobile browsing experience.