O2 Signs Up With SonyBMG In Music Download Initiative

O2 joins Vodafone in announcing another iTunes-wannabee called My Play which it claims is "first operator-supported major label mobile music store" and powered by Momac's multimedia publishing platform GoMedia.

The service will provide with videos, full audio tracks and ringtones through a one-stop shop and will try to re-create a mini Myspace by assigning one microsite to each artist.

O2 will also partner with Sony BMG for the project which will see ringtones priced at £3.50, tracks starting at £0.99 and music videos costing £1.50.

My Play will be compatible with 350 prepay and contract handsets although the number of artists enrolled is far from stellar; still, in comparison, Vodafone offers only 11 compatible handsets.

Like Vodafone, O2 already have another music service running concurrently, powered by Napster, and offers music tracks for £0.99 each.

Now, it is all quite nice, however, one can safely assume that cramming more unwanted music services and applications on a mobile phone may end up frustrating customers rather than increasing revenue per users as the tracks can't be downloaded to other devices.