The Olympics has started - and so have the hackers

On the day that the Olympics has started - with a seriously entertaining opening ceremony - the hackers have moved in to take advantage.

Newswire reports suggest that hackers have gained access to the official Web site of the Beijing Olympic Games, colouring headlines orange in support of a protest against human rights abuse in China.

According to the Associated Press, the Danish human rights activist and artist Jens Galschiot is pushing people to get involved in The Colour Orange project during the Olympic Games.

Galschiot says he wants athletes, politicians, journalists and others in Beijing to display something orange, and he is urging people around the world to hang up orange cloth strips on sculptures, lampposts, fences and other visible places in cities as a way of criticising China over its human rights abuses.

Top man! -Ed.

According to CNN, he received an anonymous phone call claiming that hackers had changed the headlines of the official Chinese Olympic Web site into orange, seemingly in support of the project.

"I was rather sceptical about the message but I've checked the site and the headlines are orange," he said in a statement on The Colour Orange Website.

Interestingly, however, Galschiot says he doesn't know whether the work was carried out by hackers or a humanitarian-minded Web designer...