Show me the money : How the green bill runs technology

Unfortunately money rules the world but it doesn’t necessarily need to rule a business. For many companies the thought of large capital purchases for IT is not an easy decision.

It’s also very difficult to predict IT costs when you don’t know enough about the subject.

By outsourcing you shouldn’t have any capital purchases but DO check. DON’T just presume they know what they are doing and when, DO ask for experience and examples of how they can predict the market, provide flexibility and help you as a business to plan and measure the real ROI of a system or solution.

DO ask if a company can grow your system at short notice and how much that might cost? DO they shrink systems with decline in rental and ‘Swap’ old systems to new with minimal rental change?

Again don’t let any provider compromise your system. If they start providing less of a service then check your service levels – whatever you are paying and however small it might be they should be providing you with 110% service. This is your money so don’t accept anything but the best!