Spam Increase By 400 percent in Q2 2008, UK Spammers to blame

Research unveiled by anti-spam software company Clearmymail shows a significant increase in the number of spam blocked per customer, quadrupling to nearly 31,000 compared to just over 8100 in Q1 2008.

A breakdown of these emails reveals Royal Bank of Scotland to be the main company targeted by phishing attacks.

Customers who choose Orange as an Internet Service Provider receive the highest percentage of spam for the second consecutive Spamming Index, and the UK is now guilty of being the main source of phishing attacks.

Looking at which countries produce the highest number of UK targeted spam and, much like Q1 2008, the UK and USA are sending the most spam to UK email accounts.

However, the UK is now the biggest culprit, sending 19.65% of all spam emails; 0.02% more than the USA, who were at the top in Q1 2008 and 3.97% higher than the UK ranked in the last quarter.

Despite the USA still ranking highly at Number Two, the amount of spam reaching UK email boxes from the USA has dramatically dropped by 7.26%; it was 19.53% in Q1 2008 and now amounts to 12.57%. This is the most significant decline from Q1 to Q2 2008.

The results from Q1 of this year showed more European countries had become a threat to UK email accounts and now, with the UK being the Number One culprit, there is much cause for concern; it is suggested that spammers and phishers are getting more targeted and even local.

This allows spammers to know the markets they are targeting and therefore maximise the outcomes of rogue emails.

The same report highlighted the fact that all the top UK companies Targeted by Phishing Attacks all operate in the personal finance industry.