T-Mobile To Carry Blackberry "QWERTY" Bold Range As From September

There has been a healthy number of keyboard-equipped smartphones lately and T-Mobile is the latest to join the band with Blackberry's own Bold model next month.

The Bold comes with Wi-Fi, HSDPA and GPS (making it the first quadband Blackberry around) and the small pearl-like trackball should give the user the edge over its competitors.

It also comes with 1GB onboard with the possibility to add 8GB microSD cards (and 16GB/32GB when they are out); the camera is a rather mundane 2MP model, comparable to the iPhone - but the Blackberry range was never that strong when it came to snapping.

Expect the QWERTY to be better than its rivals although the screen would still be too small for those who've been accustomed to iPhone's extravagant 3.5-inch one.

Still, ITweek raves about it, saying that its 480x320 pixel screen is the best it has seen till now.

The device will only be available to business 1-plan customers.

Overall, the Bold looks more like a competitor to Nokia's E71 or E66 as well as Motorola's Alexander rather than an iPhone slayer.