US Patent Office Rejects Dell's Attempt to Trademark "Cloud Computing" Term

Dell’s claims for “Cloud Computing” trademark, has been adjourned by the US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO).

Dell has filed the application for the “Cloud Computing” trademark in March 2007, and the company has almost received the final approval for the trademark, but USPTO rejected its “Notice of Allowance”, and sent the application back for consideration.

The filing that depicted Dell as the custom manufacturer of computer hardware, for using it in huge data-centres and other extensive computing environments, falls into Goods and Services Category of trademark 77139082.

David Frink, Dell’s spokesman stated that the company is intending to protect its intellectual property in increasing cloud computing business, and hence seeking a registration of the term as their trademark; however, the company “is not to stop others from using the term”, Frink added.

Further, Dell is not the first to claim over the “Cloud Computing” trademark, NetCentric has also filed for the trademark back in 1997, and as of now, 3Tera possesses the trademark “Cloud Computing without Compromise”