WiFi/3G Auto switching for S60 : Now that's a Nice idea

The Sony Ericsson P990i and P1i have a nice trick of automatically switching to the fastest and cheapest data bearer, usually WiFi, saving users a tremendous amount of money and improving performance.

Unfortunately Nokia’s S60 platform can’t do this, though both UIQ and S60 are based on the same underlying Symbian OS.

So Psiloc has stepped into the breach with their Psiloc Connect software that locks onto a WiFi signal before dropping down to 3G.

It costs €10 but could be just what is needed if you regularly download videos or email attachments.

Of course Nokia should be providing this feature free of charge, especially as the iPhone can already auto switch.

iPhone 3G feature wish for the day

If Apple is really targeting business users why isn’t there an easy way of transferring documents without having to rely on a third party application?