Apple Patent Reveals Future Remote iTunes Application

Apple has filed a patent application for a way that will facilitate content streaming to its iTunes applications remotely.

This move would allow its users to access their video and audio contents anywhere using internet; as of now, users need to store the contents locally.

Incidentally Sony has already employed the idea, as it allows its users of PS3/PSP to stream video content from these consoles to their handheld devices, albeit for a smaller duration; however, syncing the entire iTune library with internet consistently is definitely a superior step in this direction.

The technology is said to work with both Wi-Fi and mobile broadband and it also allows remote access of video and audio content to its iPhone and iPod users, anywhere, anytime.

Apple Insider purported that this would be achieved by storing metadata on these devices, which would contain small attributes of each media file, instead of the whole content.

This metadata would help the devices in storing “virtual media items”, such as, images, videos, music files, games etc in relatively smaller space.