Beware of Facebook's Jester Malware Warns Security Firm

Users of popular social networking website Facebook are facing yet another malware attack as security firm Sophos exposed video downloads message as potential vectors of infection.

The video prompt pops on the user's Facebook wall and urges the victim to go view a video on a page apparently hosted by Google, where the member will be asked to download a new version of Adobe's Flash player.

Instead, the Trojan horse Troj/Dloadr-BPL will be executed and an image of a court jester sticking his tongue out appears.

According to Facebook, around 1600 users (roughly 0.002 percent of people using Facebook) have been affected by the malware.

Graham Cluley, from Sophos, argues that the latest attack could possibly act as a wake-up call for companies which might be forced to block access to social networking websites in the workplace.

He added : "People have got to learn that clicking on links in messages to websites can lead to a malware infection, whether the messages are in your email or on a site like Facebook, There has been a flurry of malicious emails recently posing as links to videos - so there's really no excuse not to know of this trick being commonly used by hackers at the moment"

Earlier this month, Kaspersky Labs also revealed another Worm attack that targeted Myspace as well.