EFF to appeal over Defcon subway presentation legal block

Quite interested to read over the weekend that the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) is to appeal an injunction against its planned Defcon convention presentation late last week, which would have published "detailed flaws" in the MTBA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) electronic ticketing system.

According to the IDG newswire service, the EFF reckons the court came to the wrong conclusion about the planned presentation.

Jurt Opsahl, the EFF's senior legal bod, is quoted as saying that the transit authority filed a lawsuit last Friday to stop the MIT students making their presentation.

What's interesting about the court application is that the transit authority has argued that the presentation would cause "significant damage to the MBTA's transit system."

As usual in these sorts of cases, the first that the MIT students and Defcon's organisers knew about the court order application was when the it was notified by the MTBA's legal boys and girls.

Ironically, newswire reports over the weekend suggest that some of the information in the IT students' planned presentation had previously been published in the Boston Globe and Boston Herald newspapers.

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