Jointech's £50 Windows Laptop Copies Asus EEE PC notebook

£50 is the right price for a laptop according to Hongkong base Jointech as it prepares to release the JL7100 for USD 99; however, price is not its only highlight.

The JL7100 also comes loaded with Windows CE 5.0 operating system which means that you will have access to a Windows-like environment complete with Word, Excel, Internet Explorer and much more.

The four year old operating system, codenamed Macallan, needs only a tiny memory footprint and is said to cost only £1.50 per core, although it cannot use existing Win32 binaries, libraries, and drivers without modification.

The £50 micro wonder shares the Asus's EEE PC laptop's chassis (see picture) although the latter largely outguns the JL7100 when it comes to the specifications list.

At 680g, it is definitely light weight and the 400MHz CPU (ARM 9 Core coupled with a Samsung S3C Chipset) should be a perfect match for the WinCE OS; other features include 64MB RAM, 64MB ROM and 4GB SD Card plus 3 USB ports.

There's a 7-inch LCD screen capable of displaying 800x480 pixels and while you will get a VGA port, Wireless is apparently optional.

All in all though, the JL7100 appears to be a glorified PDA with a keyboard and large screen, available for only a fraction of other laptops' price.

Which begs another question... Where do I buy one?