New iPods and Macbooks To Appear In September Posits Analyst

Rumour mills are agog with speculation that Apple’s is preparing to unveil a new product this fall.

Apple is to remodel its iPod line, and to bring upon modifications in its notebook series MacBook and MacBook Pro, an analyst from Piper Jaffray, Gene Munster predicted.

Munster is of the opinion that the Apple’s upcoming September gathering wouldn’t be any different from its previous ones, and the company is likely to upgrade its already existing notebook and iPod series.

There are expectations that the company is going to bring in some usual changes in its iPod September upgrade, which include - enhanced storage capacity, sleek designs, and above all, drop in its price to USD199.

Munster has also anticipated drop in price of MacBook to USD999, and is expected some changes in its MacBook Pro, which has remained untouched since its launch; however, chances of touch screen MacBook are pretty unlikely, Munster added.