Nikon's new P6000 Marks Debut of Photo Geo-Tagging Onboard

Nikon has launched the successor to its P5000 camera in form of P6000

The new 13.5 megapixel snapper consists of built-in GPS, which help its users in locating the place where the photograph was actually taken, through Geo-tagging that captures the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates of the place.

Nikon termed this feature as, “My Picturetown”, and it can be accessed by connecting the camera to web through its Ethernet port.

In addition to geo-tagging, the camera also boasts of several key features, such as - 4x optical zooming, 15 preset image modes, face detection, automatic red-eye correction, and 2.7” inch LCD screen; besides, the camera also includes lens-shift ‘Vibration Reduction System’.

P6000 offers remarkable in-built storage capacity of 48 MB, and it further supports SDHC memory cards for expandable storage.

The snapper bundles with a wireless remote that helps its users in setting timer to capture a full family portrait.

The camera is expected to hit the market next month, and is expected to cost around GBP430.